Roald Dahl Sharing Assembly

Last week we had a special Roald Dahl week to celebrate the authors 100th birthday!

All of our lessons had a special Roald Dahl focus, and on Friday there were no children or teachers in the school, but we spotted Mr and Mrs Twit, a few witches, the fantastic Mr Fox, a giant peach, Matilda and a very young looking Roald Dahl turned up too.

We held our special presentation assembly this week to show off all the lovely work children had done around our chosen author. A special video had been put together made up of all the work Key Stage 2 had done.

Children had taken part in a competition to design a brand new chocolate bar, made golden tickets, listened to book readings, spoken about our favourite characters and even written first person diary entries from the point of view of a parrot!

During the assembly we were also able to watch a Roald Dahl most villainous villain. Woodlands voted from a line-up of The Twits, The Grand High Witch, The Giants and Miss Trunchbull – the children have spoken! We have decided that Miss Trunchbull is Roald Dahls most villainous villain!