Volcano Erupts on Woodlands Playground

This half term Woodlands after-school science club have been working to create an erupting volcano.

Over the term students have been working hard to build a volcano which on the final week they were able to see explode with a Coca-Cola and Mentos mix!

The project forms part of the work undertaken in the Mini-Science after school club where students take part in hands on science activities each week to bring learning to life in a practical way. 

Week one saw students create the base of the volcano using tissue paper, cardboard and feathers held together with copious amounts of PVA glue, hopefully making it semi-water proof.

The volcano was created using a cardboard tube and covered in painted rice and colourful pieces.  During the final week students created a mixture to ensure the volcano erupted.  The first eruption was down to a combination of bicarbonate of soda and the second was the ever popular Mentos and Coca-Cola mix.

The mini scientists thoroughly enjoyed learning about volcanoes and said: “this is the most fun ever, I can’t wait to try some more science at home.” Talking about tectonic plates and after shock the young learners gained a good understanding of volcanic eruptions and were able to recall the one which occurred several years ago in Iceland which affected air travel in the UK.

A scientific success!