Year 6 Graduate from the University of Leeds

Students from Woodlands Primary Academy have graduated from the University of Leeds as part of two separate weeks of focus workshops with IntoUniversity.

The weeks of workshops came to an end with a fantastic graduation at the University of Leeds.  Students were divided into four teams, named after an inspirational historical figure and during the week were able to research their team name. Violet Szabo, Anne Frank, Winston Churchill and Billy Strachan formed the line-up of research topics.

The week of concentrated research into a chosen figure gave students a glimpse at university life, where one area is studied in depth over a number of years.

After a day of touring the university campus, speaking with PhD students and seeing the full extent of available resources Year 6 graduated with hats and gowns in a formal ceremony.  During the graduation each team was able to present the research they had conducted into their historical figure.

We heard from the future; Lawyers, Fashion Designers, Judges, Medics, Football Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Interactive Artists, Teachers and Astronomers of the world! One student announced: “I’m going to be a Judge, order in the court!”  Perhaps most touching was the revelation that one Woodlands students dream was to become an entrepreneur: “So I can help people with the same eye condition as myself, Ocular Myasthenia.”

A University of Leeds staff member came to present the certificates, taking the role of the Vice Chancellor during the ceremony.  Woodlands students came up one by one to a round of applause from proud family members, friends and peers.

Year 6 teacher Ms Hopkins said: “Seeing children in this environment has been absolutely amazing, I know we’re all leaving this experience having had an incredible time.  You’re so much more confident and your enthusiasm has been infectious, it’s so lovely to see.  We’ll have some celebratory cake and a goody bag when we return to school.”

We look forward to seeing and hearing about the wonderful careers our students have in the near future, and hopefully we’ll see some pictures of their graduation in 10 years’ time! We are going to have some great alumni stories and successes when these students achieve their dreams.