Community Classes

At Woodlands Primary Academy we pride ourselves on our commitment to community engagement and work hard to promote full inclusion.  We believe that parenting has a powerful impact on a range of social outcomes from academic performance to social confidence. 

Our approach of inclusion aims to involve all members of our school community, to allow them access to society and support systems.

In our Safe Harbour parents can enjoy a wealth of well-attended classes including; Parent Gym, ESOL, Sewing and we are about to launch a four week Jamie Oliver style cooking course to cover healthy eating, interesting recipes and cooking on a budget.

Sewing club runs on a Thursday morning from 9am and covers the skills required to create and mend an extensive range of items.  One of our original members said: “I couldn’t sew at all before these classes, I have learnt it all here.  I was able to buy my daughter a beautiful dress which was reduced to just £5 because the zip was broken – but now I can mend clothes myself, I'm able to pick up clothes at a great price.”

Parent Gym is a weekly course which runs on a Wednesday from 9am-11am.  The course aims to increase children’s success by changing the way their parents think.  The two hour session covers topics including; help with homework, subject skills, talents, attitudes, values and aspirations.

Joanne Morgan who facilitates the class said: “Parent Gym is a fresh and positive course to run at Woodlands, material is parent friendly and very easy to access.  Parent Gym understands that parenting is not easy, and that like many aspects of life, it too has positives and negatives - aiming to provide an invaluable support system so that parents know they are not alone is crucial.”

We are proud of the culturally diverse demographic which makes up our Academy and we view language as a crucial vehicle to gaining access to society.  For parents who are new to English and would like to learn it as a second language our weekly ESOL classes run on a Friday from 9am-11:30am. By providing these opportunity to those who do not speak English we are able to decrease their vulnerability to unemployment and allow them greater access to society.

Classes are free which we feel makes a strong statement about our Co-operative values and stance on equality of opportunity, social cohesion and uniting communities. 

For a full schedule of all we have to offer please contact school reception or see picture below.