Co-operative HQ Trip!

8 very lucky children from Year 5 and 6 were chosen to go on a special trip to Rochdale and Manchester. It was a great day! Mr Russell drove us in the minibus over some very snowy hills to get to Rochdale where we visited the 'Rochdale Pioneers Museum'. The children learnt about Victorian times, the pioneers and then had fun dressing up as Victorians and answering a quiz! The children were then driven to Manchester to visit the Co-op Headquarters. We were amazed by the sheer scale of the building and its 14 floors! We all enjoyed a yummy lunch on the 8th floor and we were then taken to the 9th floor to gaze at the view! Before we left for our return journey, we met Keith, the shop manager of the Co-op store at HQ. He gave the children a bar of chocolate each and asked them to design a poster for him to display in store to persuade people to buy the chocolate! We had a wonderful day from start to finish!!