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RESPECT 17th November

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Well done to this week's RESPECT winners. 

Reception Build Boats

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Reception have been building boats. Investigating different materials, we explored what was more or less effective to use when building a boat. Working in small groups, they had to share a limited supply of scissors, glue, string, tape and other items, ensuring everyone worked as part of their team. Testing the…

Year 3 - Storyteller

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Year 3 had a visit from an amazing storyteller, Beth Guiver. Using only  a few props, Beth transformed the classroom and acted out some brilliant stories, everyone was so enthralled. Beth then challenged the class to mime out some great reaction poses; our children had really unique interpretations!  It was then…

RESPECT 10th November

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This week's RESPECT winners. Well done to all!

School admissions drop in at The Compton Centre

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Leeds City Council School Admissions team are holding 4 Drop-In Sessions in the Main Library at the Compton Centre on the dates below:   ·         13th November 11am-1pm ·         22nd November 2pm-4pm ·         4th December 11am-1pm ·         13th December 2pm-4pm It's a great chance for anyone who needs help with their on-line application. Anyone can attend one of these sessions…

Year 2 explore Stockeld Park

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Yesterday Year 2 spent the day at Stockeld Park exploring the Enchanted Forest and getting lost in the Maze.  The children saw all kinds of magical creatures in the forest, like a mermaid, unicorns and a big hungry ogre! Then they got to play on some giant spider webs (not real…

Year 6 - The Highwayman

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Year 6 have been studying, “The Highwayman.” This spooky poem has inspired fantastic descriptive writing and artwork of the road travelled by The Highwayman. Super spooky work year 6!

Foundation Stage Bonfires

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In anticipation for Bonfire night, nursery and reception have held their own bonfires this week. Everyone had lots of great ideas on how to build the fires and even helped to break up sticks and scrunch up newspaper, ready for the fire. We all talked about keeping safe and what makes…

Nursery celebrate Diwali

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Just before the holidays, nursery celebrated Diwali. The day was full of enjoyable activities to help us all learn about and celebrate Diwali. Outside: we had everyone helping to create a giant colourful picture representing fireworks. Inside: we decorated our own diyas, which are beautifully decorated clay lamps. Later, we found…

Co-op Value Awards - Democracy

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Our first Co-op Value Awards The Co-op was founded on a set of values describing a different, fairer and better way of doing things. We’re committed to these values, and so each half term we will be focusing on one of the values to explore. This half term we’ve been exploring…

Massive Maths with the Co-op Finance team!

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On Friday our Year 3 classes had a fun-packed day of Massive Maths with some of the Co-op's finance colleagues.  They brought their tip-top maths knowledge to help our students practice their mental maths, and turned the playground into a giant maths game!  Year 3 got to play big bingo, giant…

RESPECT 13th October

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Well done to this week's super RESPECT winners.

Revamped Mud Kitchen

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Foundation stage’s mud kitchen has had a makeover. Miss Hobson has been hard at work transforming this area. With new pots, pans and utensils everyone in foundation stage is eager to make some messy food. First on the menu was cakes and chapattis!

Reception Healthy Choices

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What better way to learn about healthy choices than preparing our very own healthy snacks! Reception have been hard at work, using utensils to prepare fruit and vegetables; which is a great way to help develop fine motor skills. These fruit and vegetables were perfect choices to learn all about healthy…

RESPECT 6th October

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Well done to our latest RESPECT winners!

Reception Superheroes

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Reception have turned themselves into superheroes. Using a felt tip pen, they’ve made marks on a laminated picture, turning them into their own favourite superhero. They even got to show off their ICT skills, using an iPad to take the fantastic photos. 

British Food Fortnight with Co-op Food

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Year 5 got to celebrate British Food Fortnight by cooking up some delicious recipes with Oli Blanc, son of famous chef Raymond Blanc.  Our sponsors the Co-op also sponsor British Food Fortnight, championing the best of British food, so they arranged for the Co-op Food team to come and teach our…

RESPECT 29th September

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Well done to our latest RESPECT winners. 

Year 6 Magna Trip

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Year 6 visited Magna last week. During the day, we took part in a range of fun and practical activities all about Science and Geography. We started by learning about different minerals and sorting them by their distinguishing properties; such as Lodestone, which is naturally magnetic. We then found out about…

Reception Wormery

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Reception have started a wormery. This is a box full of soil and worms, it has clear sides so we can see the worms moving through.  With a pile of old fruit and vegetables ready, our reception children have been chopping and preparing the worms’ dinners. Everyone keeps checking the worms;…