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Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year was on the 16th February this year. It might have been during the holiday, but we didn’t want to miss out on the celebration! We’re investigating this vibrant and interesting celebration, all across school. As the festival is centuries old, there are lots of myths and customs associated…

KS2 Singing Assembly

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Have a listen to KS2 and Miss Furness, performing a cappella 'We could be heroes'!

Year 6 - The Highwayman

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Year 6 have been studying, “The Highwayman.” This spooky poem has inspired fantastic descriptive writing and artwork of the road travelled by The Highwayman. Super spooky work year 6!

Year 6 Magna Trip

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Year 6 visited Magna last week. During the day, we took part in a range of fun and practical activities all about Science and Geography. We started by learning about different minerals and sorting them by their distinguishing properties; such as Lodestone, which is naturally magnetic. We then found out about…

Year 6 Volcano Research

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Our year 6 showed off their Science and ICT skills this week. Using the internet, they’ve researched volcanoes, helping them answer some important questions such as ‘What is magma?’ or ‘How are volcanoes made?’ They made sure the information was from reliable sources and used it to create fantastic reports. Great…

Attendance Fun Day - July 17

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Today has been an awesome day of outdoor activities, all to thank our children for their great attendance. We’ve had parachute games, some flamboyant dance classes with Miss Greenwood, crazy multi-sport with Mr Silvester and then on to the grand finale; the inflatable assault course! It’s been a great end to…

Year 6 - Residential

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Last week, for their residential at Walesby Forest, three days of outdoor adventure awaited year 6.  With so many different activities, there was something for everyone. We took part in rock climbing, where we scaled a giant rock wall. Competed to create the highest crate tower, whilst one child had the…

Eid Celebration

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As part of religious education, we get to learn about lots of different faiths and religious festivals, which help us understand and respect each others beliefs. Last Friday, we held our own Eid celebration. A third of our children celebrated Eid earlier in the week, so it was a great time…

Year 6 - Spanish Fact Files

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Year 6 Spanish Fact Files This morning, year 6 used their impressive ICT abilities to search out facts about Spain. They were quickly able to find great, reliable sources of information on the internet. With the information they found, they created posters packed full of facts and their handwriting was brilliant.…

The Holy Month of Ramadan

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In R.E. this week, we’ve been focusing on Ramadan. Year 6 have completed some beautiful work, detailing some of the main facts about Ramadan. Check out Sara’s fantastic work, great R.E and superb handwriting! 

Year 6 - SATs PE

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After the challenging week of SATs, Year 6 took to the field this afternoon to blow off some steam! The game was Octopus Tag. Everyone had to run to the other end of the field without an “Octopus” or “Seaweed” tagging you.   It was a lot of fun, some chose…

Story Time Year 6 and Reception

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Our fantastic Year 6 took a break from revision last week to read to Reception. During the challenging time of SATs revision, our wonderful Year 6 children took the time to read the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ to our Reception children. The children had a great time and listened so…

Year 6 - Research South Africa

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This morning Year 6 have continued their in-depth research of South Africa. Using information they have found on the internet they were able to construct non-chronological reports on important topics relating to South Africa, such as Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid. It was fantastic to see just how engaged every child…

Red Nose Day

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We had some fantastic hairstyles for our Silly Hair themed Red Nose Day! Thank you everyone for taking part. 

Road Safety

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Our location is really close to some busy dangerous roads, so it’s really important to keep reminding everyone how to stay safe. Leeds City Council Road Safety team visited this week, they ensure everyone knows how to stay safe when near the road. Thank you parents/carers, the majority of children have…

Year 6 - Romeo and Juliet Newspaper Articles

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Year 6 are currently studying Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The challenge was to publish newspaper reports like the unfortunate end of Romeo and Juliet had just happened! Using the laptops, they published their articles and created some fabulous work that really conveys the emotion and shock of the event.…

World Book Day 2017

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What an amazing day, entirely dedicated to books! It was filled with competitions, challenges and different activities, with children and staff keen to show off their knowledge of books. One of the day’s highlights was when Year 6 visited Nursery and read them stories. Everyone was a little shy at first,…

NSPCC Number Day

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Today we have taken part in the NSPCC Number Day. It’s been a great day filled with awesome maths activities. We’ve even managed to raise £60 to go to the NSPCC, so thank you for your kind donations. The children have used their maths fluency and reasoning skills to do some…

Co-operative Fairtrade Conference

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Last week our year 6 children designed some fantastic Fairtrade presentations, you can see those in this blog post. Our competition winners, as well as children from other academies in the Co-operative Academies Trust travelled to the Co-operative headquarters in Manchester. The Co-operative organised a fantastic day of events. We designed…

Year 6 Fairtrade Competition

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The winners of the Year 6 Fairtrade presentation competition have been chosen! Year 6 have created some beautiful presentations, which have been thoroughly researched. They show different aspects of Fairtrade such as the benefits, what it is and pictures. They've done a great job, and the winners will be travelling to Manchester on Tuesday to visit…