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KS2 Singing Assembly

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Have a listen to KS2 and Miss Furness, performing a cappella 'We could be heroes'!

Year 3 - Storyteller

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Year 3 had a visit from an amazing storyteller, Beth Guiver. Using only  a few props, Beth transformed the classroom and acted out some brilliant stories, everyone was so enthralled. Beth then challenged the class to mime out some great reaction poses; our children had really unique interpretations!  It was then…

Massive Maths with the Co-op Finance team!

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On Friday our Year 3 classes had a fun-packed day of Massive Maths with some of the Co-op's finance colleagues.  They brought their tip-top maths knowledge to help our students practice their mental maths, and turned the playground into a giant maths game!  Year 3 got to play big bingo, giant…

Year 3 - The Arrival Art

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Year 3 have created thoughtful art in the same style found in the graphic novel The Arrival by Shaun Tan. Earlier this week year 3 started to paint, inspired by the book The Arrival by Shaun Tan. You can find out more in the previous blog post here. Check out…

Year 3 - Shaun Tan's The Arrival Art

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The graphic novel The Arrival by Shaun Tan has captivated our year 3. Exploring the experience of a person immigrating to a new land, we find out what it is like to be a refugee, the alienation that people feel and other difficult aspects. We found that this book uses illustrations…

Year 3 - Geographers

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Our year 3 geographers used continents as jigsaw pieces and put the world back together!   Using atlases: year 3 worked in teams to identify each continent and its place on the map. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but after a couple of attempts we got there in the…

Year 3 - Seed Dispersal

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Our Year 3 children are currently investigating the various means of seed dispersal! There was quite a few giggles when we found out bird poo is actually a great method of seed dispersal. Today we’ve been testing wind dispersal and had the chance to create our own spinning helicopters and gliders.…

Year 3 - Investigate Roundhouse Construction

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Using the laptops, year 3 have been investigating Roundhouse construction on the internet. Everyone had a list of key questions, the children really got to show off their ICT knowhow and really impressed everyone with how quickly they found the information they needed. This information is needed before we can start…

Year 3 - Cave Dweller Drama

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Year 3 had a dramatic day, acting out scenes as if they were cave dwellers. We all quickly realised how difficult it was to act out these scenes, it was really challenging but a lot of fun. See more pictures in the Sway:

Year 3 Fruit Salad

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With their current topic of Healthy Eating, year 3 have created some awesome fruit salads this afternoon.  Everyone was surprised just how easy it was to create a healthy, tasty treat.  See more pictures in the Sway:

Y3 Research Healthy Eating

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This afternoon our year 3 children have used the iPads as well as some helpful QR codes to research different facts about healthy eating. Using the QR codes, we could go directly to some helpful websites. With the information, we have created fact sheets all about healthy eating.

Y3 Digital Mandala Patterns!

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This morning year 3 have been using the ICT Suite to create their very own digital Mandala Patterns! Using the symmetry setting the children have been able to design some beautiful patters that repeat across the page! See all the pictures in the Sway here:

Diwali Diya Lamps!

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Friday the very lucky children from Year 3 had the chance to make their very own Diya lamp in celebration of Diwali! Each lamp had to be painted a single base colour, then decorated with a pattern in another colour. and finally they were encrusted with jewels! Our year 3's all…

Magna Science Show!

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This week the our children from Years 1 to 6 got to experience the Magna Science Show! From exploding camera film tubes, to shoulder mounted rockets the children had a great time investigating some really important science facts including about pressure, surface tension, chemical reactions and much more! We found out…

Year 3 Ancient Greece Animations!

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This  children in Year 3 have been learning all about Ancient Greece and mythology! The children this week got to reenact their favorite Greek story using the iPads and characters they sculpted with plasticine!   Check out all the pictures here in the Sway! Check out some of the videos below! 

Dahlicious Dress-up!

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Today was our Dahlicious Dress-up day! We have all had fantastic fun dressed as our favorite Roald Dahl characters!  Check out some more pictures in the Sway here:

Roald Dahl Competitions!

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This week is Roald Dahl Week!  Download our competition sheets below! Design your own Chocolate Bar and our Quiz! Our letter to parents and carers is also attached!

Sports Day 2016

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Early Years and Foundation Stage were the first to kick off sports day this year. The children worked their way around a set of activities from bean bag throws, to running races, scoring goals, sack races, egg and spoon competitions and lots more! Parents and carers came to cheer on their…


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Year 3 have been having a great time programming Bee-Bots! Using LEFT, FORWARD, RIGHT, BACKWARDS to create a sequence for the Bee-Bot to navigate a maze!  See some pictures here!:

Arla Roadshow

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Last week the Arla Roadshow visited Woodlands!  Year 1 and Year 3 got to take part in some great activities in the Arla Roadshow throughout which included the following topics: All about Farms All About Cows All about Dairy and more!  The children had a lot of fun, while learning all…