THINK! STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! Year 1 Learn the Green Cross Code

Leeds City Councils’ Road Safety team have been in school this week teaching our Year 1 students how to cross the road safely.

Year 1 have been learning about the basics of the Green Cross Code.  THINK! STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! An afternoon of road safety information saw the children learn about the importance of wearing a seat belt in the car and of behaving as a passage, so not to distract the driver.

Students said: “My favourite part of the road safety has been wearing this high vis jacket! I used to run across the road, but I now know that isn’t the safe way to cross.”

Students dressed up in their high visibility jackets and walked to the road near school where a short demonstration was given. Year 1 were able to direct our road safety official across the road, being sure to follow the Green Cross Code. 

Road danger has a major impact on children and young people’s ability to walk to school, cycle and live healthy and active lifestyles.  As a school we take our responsibility in developing students’ awareness of the risks of the road very seriously.  Please take extra care when driving near schools and obey the 20 mile an hour speed limits at all times.