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Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year was on the 16th February this year. It might have been during the holiday, but we didn’t want to miss out on the celebration! We’re investigating this vibrant and interesting celebration, all across school. As the festival is centuries old, there are lots of myths and customs associated…

We take some Christmas cheer to Berkeley Court care home

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Reception and Year 1 took their Christmas cheer to Berkeley Court care home in Harehills to spend time with the residents.  They decorated some elf masks and sang songs with the residents, teaching them new versions of old classics like 'Twinkle Twinkle'.  Finally Mrs Begum read everyone a story before…

Attendance Fun Day - July 17

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Today has been an awesome day of outdoor activities, all to thank our children for their great attendance. We’ve had parachute games, some flamboyant dance classes with Miss Greenwood, crazy multi-sport with Mr Silvester and then on to the grand finale; the inflatable assault course! It’s been a great end to…

Eid Celebration

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As part of religious education, we get to learn about lots of different faiths and religious festivals, which help us understand and respect each others beliefs. Last Friday, we held our own Eid celebration. A third of our children celebrated Eid earlier in the week, so it was a great time…

Year 1 - Sketch in the Sun

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Sketching trees in the sun! After searching for the perfect place to sit on the field, our year 1 artists sketched their favourite tree. It was great to see the amount of detail year 1 put into their sketches. They really concentrated hard and made some beautiful pictures. It was a…

Red Nose Day

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We had some fantastic hairstyles for our Silly Hair themed Red Nose Day! Thank you everyone for taking part. 

Road Safety

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Our location is really close to some busy dangerous roads, so it’s really important to keep reminding everyone how to stay safe. Leeds City Council Road Safety team visited this week, they ensure everyone knows how to stay safe when near the road. Thank you parents/carers, the majority of children have…

Year 1 - World Book Day Covers

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Year 1 designed some fantastic book covers for World Book Day.  Check out the pictures in the Sway here:

World Book Day 2017

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What an amazing day, entirely dedicated to books! It was filled with competitions, challenges and different activities, with children and staff keen to show off their knowledge of books. One of the day’s highlights was when Year 6 visited Nursery and read them stories. Everyone was a little shy at first,…

Year 1 - Investigate Healthy Food

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Year 1 had a great afternoon discovering lots of different healthy fruit and vegetables. Some of the fruit and vegetables everyone had seen and tried before. Some were new and had strange tastes or textures! Whilst the children were blindfolded we challenged them to try some of these, it was a lot…

NSPCC Number Day

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Today we have taken part in the NSPCC Number Day. It’s been a great day filled with awesome maths activities. We’ve even managed to raise £60 to go to the NSPCC, so thank you for your kind donations. The children have used their maths fluency and reasoning skills to do some…

PE Traditional Greek Dance

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We are currently learning different types of dance in PE. This time it was traditional dance from Greece. We are learning to hear the rhythm changes in the music and follow the dance, while having a lot of fun! This morning was the turn of year 1, who made a great…

Y1 Rainforest Puppet Show

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The fantastic Cusan Theatre Productions visited our lucky year 1 children this week, performing a story all about the rainforest, its animals and the Princess. It was a great show, the children especially loved the crazy monkey and scary spiders! Once the show was finished, the children got to take part…

Class Presents from Santa

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Today we've had a very special guest, Santa! He has visited each class to give them their special class presents. See all the pictures here in the Sway:

Christmas Attendance Shop

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Our Christmas Attendance Shop is underway. Children are spending their vouchers that they have earned for every week of full attendance this term. Some hard working children have earned £10, so it took them quite some time to pick out their choices from the shop.  Thank you to the Co-op who…

Police visit to talk about Racism and Bullying

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Today the Police have visited to tell everyone about racism and bullying in a whole school assembly. The children have learned how to treat each other with respect and that things that make us different also make us interesting and unique. At Woodlands we celebrate our differences, we have such a…

Help With...Handwriting!

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We now have a new "Help With..." section on the website! Starting with handwriting, you will find our new letter formation sheets as a free download!  Using the sheets once printed your child will be able to practice writing letters! To find it go to Parents then Help With... Or click…

Hip Handwriting!

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This week we started a new handwriting scheme across school with 1P and 4W making a great start, check out their Hip Handwriting in the pictures! 

Children in Need!

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Everyone is looking great this year in SPOTS and Non Uniform! Thank you everyone for taking part and thank you if you were able to donate! Thanks for all the donations! We raised £125! ​See all the great outfits in the Sway! See all the pictures here in the Sway!

Magna Science Show!

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This week the our children from Years 1 to 6 got to experience the Magna Science Show! From exploding camera film tubes, to shoulder mounted rockets the children had a great time investigating some really important science facts including about pressure, surface tension, chemical reactions and much more! We found out…