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Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year was on the 16th February this year. It might have been during the holiday, but we didn’t want to miss out on the celebration! We’re investigating this vibrant and interesting celebration, all across school. As the festival is centuries old, there are lots of myths and customs associated…

We take some Christmas cheer to Berkeley Court care home

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Reception and Year 1 took their Christmas cheer to Berkeley Court care home in Harehills to spend time with the residents.  They decorated some elf masks and sang songs with the residents, teaching them new versions of old classics like 'Twinkle Twinkle'.  Finally Mrs Begum read everyone a story before…

Reception Stick Man

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This week, reception held an activity morning all about the story ‘Stick Man’, we even invited our super parents and carers to stay and take part in the activities. Starting with a dramatic reading of the story by Miss Hobson and Miss Rook, they really brought the book to life. Then…

Reception Build Boats

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Reception have been building boats. Investigating different materials, we explored what was more or less effective to use when building a boat. Working in small groups, they had to share a limited supply of scissors, glue, string, tape and other items, ensuring everyone worked as part of their team. Testing the…

Foundation Stage Bonfires

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In anticipation for Bonfire night, nursery and reception have held their own bonfires this week. Everyone had lots of great ideas on how to build the fires and even helped to break up sticks and scrunch up newspaper, ready for the fire. We all talked about keeping safe and what makes…

Revamped Mud Kitchen

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Foundation stage’s mud kitchen has had a makeover. Miss Hobson has been hard at work transforming this area. With new pots, pans and utensils everyone in foundation stage is eager to make some messy food. First on the menu was cakes and chapattis!

Reception Healthy Choices

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What better way to learn about healthy choices than preparing our very own healthy snacks! Reception have been hard at work, using utensils to prepare fruit and vegetables; which is a great way to help develop fine motor skills. These fruit and vegetables were perfect choices to learn all about healthy…

Reception Superheroes

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Reception have turned themselves into superheroes. Using a felt tip pen, they’ve made marks on a laminated picture, turning them into their own favourite superhero. They even got to show off their ICT skills, using an iPad to take the fantastic photos. 

Reception Wormery

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Reception have started a wormery. This is a box full of soil and worms, it has clear sides so we can see the worms moving through.  With a pile of old fruit and vegetables ready, our reception children have been chopping and preparing the worms’ dinners. Everyone keeps checking the worms;…

Attendance Fun Day - July 17

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Today has been an awesome day of outdoor activities, all to thank our children for their great attendance. We’ve had parachute games, some flamboyant dance classes with Miss Greenwood, crazy multi-sport with Mr Silvester and then on to the grand finale; the inflatable assault course! It’s been a great end to…

Reception - Graduation

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We’re so proud of our reception children, to celebrate their year of fantastic achievement we held our reception graduation today. Thank you to all our parents and carers for attending. It was great to share highlights from throughout the year and celebrate just how much everyone has progressed. We know they’re…

Sports Day - Foundation Stage

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Last Friday, Foundation Stage held the first of our sports days. The weather was a bit chilly, but once everyone was moving, it was perfect for some sporty fun. Everyone was in class teams, tackling a range of different activities including, egg and spoon race, penalty kick, space hopping and more.…

Eid Celebration

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As part of religious education, we get to learn about lots of different faiths and religious festivals, which help us understand and respect each others beliefs. Last Friday, we held our own Eid celebration. A third of our children celebrated Eid earlier in the week, so it was a great time…

Reception - Sharing Morning

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Thank you to all parents and carers who could come along to our Reception sharing morning, it was great.  The lucky grown-ups had the chance to help their children decorate gingerbread houses. Using copious amounts of messy icing, sweets and other edible decorations, they created some scrumptious treats. It’s great when…

Reception Gruffalo Owl Ice Creams

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Reception Gruffalo Owl Ice Creams The Gruffalo has taken over Reception this week! The groups had the challenge of making their very own ice creams that look like the owl from the Gruffalo story. Miss Hobson only spoke the instructions once, so everyone had to listen carefully. The children we eager…

Reception Pirate Ships

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Reception this morning have been showing off their fancy ICT skills to create beautiful recreations of the pirate ship! Great work everyone. 

Story Time Year 6 and Reception

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Our fantastic Year 6 took a break from revision last week to read to Reception. During the challenging time of SATs revision, our wonderful Year 6 children took the time to read the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ to our Reception children. The children had a great time and listened so…

Reception QR Animal Adventure

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Reception have been discovering different animals today. It has been a great afternoon; we’ve used the iPads, alongside some QR codes to find out information about animals. Everyone was super excited to discover what animals were in the QR codes. After scanning, we saw pictures and information to read about that…

Reception Rockets

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Reception have been building rockets! We started by looking at the different 3D shapes that we could see and discussed these shapes to decide which would be best for our rocket, which would be best for the top and more. Once we had decided on the shapes needed, we got to…

Reception - Plant Investigation

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Our curious Reception botanists have been investigating plants! Using an assortment of tools, Reception carefully dissected different fruit and vegetables to find out what was inside. As you can imagine, everyone in Reception loved learning about plants, seeds and roots while making a mess!  See the pictures in the Sway here.…