Internet Safety

Stay Safe

Staying safe while on the internet is very important!

People on the internet may not be who they seem and might lie to trick you!

Some people on the internet are nice, some are mean and some are a danger to you!

Tell Someone!

If you feel scared or upset talk to an adult you trust, this could be your parents, your carers or your teacher!

If something is so bad you think the police needs to know you can tell them by going to

More Information!

For information about keeping safe with chatting, IM, email, Mobiles, Chat Rooms, Social Networking, File Sharing, Gaming, Cyber bullying and lots of fun games then go to:

For information about cyber bullying go to


You should not be using Facebook until you are 13 as it can be dangerous. If you need to change your password, privacy settings or turn off your Facebook download the instructions below!