Trip to Home Farm at Temple Newsam

Yesterday Nursery FG and Reception RH went on a trip to Home Farm at Temple Newsam. The students got to explore the farm with Farmer Peter, who told them all about the animals they saw. 

Home Farm is a working farm and has some of the rarest breeds of farmyard animals in the country. The students got to see breeds like Kerry Hill sheep and Tamworth pigs which aren't in many other places in the UK. 

As it is spring, lots of the animals had just had babies! This meant the farm was full of fluffy lambs, baby chicks and even some two day old piglets. 

Farmer Peter helped the children learn how to act around the animals, teaching them important things like being quiet around the lambs and being very gentle when stroking the baby chicks. 

He also taught them how to milk a cow, although they couldn't practice on a real cow there was a plastic one where the students took turns squeezing the udders to get the milk out. 

After lunch, everyone got to play on the farm playground where they were swings, a slide and even a see-saw. It was a lovely end to a great day. 

We hope everyone had a great time and that Nursery JG and Reception RR are looking forward to their trip on Friday. 

There are lots more photos from the trip on our Sway

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