Reception - Elf on the Shelf!

It appears Reception has had a visitor! Sometime over last weekend, a magical door has appeared in Miss Hobsons class!

After a thorough investigation the children have concluded that we may have had some Elf visitors!

To celebrate, we've made sure to decorate and make everywhere all Christmassy. Still we couldn't find the elf, so to help us find him the children made some great "Lost Elf" Posters where they have described the missing Elf!

Later we found out that the Elf needed somewhere cold to live, so using snow and other bits we crafted the perfect home for the elf!

Miss Rook heard the Elf calling out from the Woodlands Woods! So the children packed up their exploring gear and set out to search for the missing Elf, they found him! He's been stuck in the Woods! Luckily our kind children decided to rescue him and take him back to class!

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