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Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year was on the 16th February this year. It might have been during the holiday, but we didn’t want to miss out on the celebration! We’re investigating this vibrant and interesting celebration, all across school. As the festival is centuries old, there are lots of myths and customs associated…

Nursery and the Three Little Pigs

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Nursery have been reading the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Using lots of different craft materials, everyone recreated collage pictures of the Three Little Pigs’ houses. It was really impressive how many details they remembered from the story.  View more pictures in our Sway

RESPECT 2nd February

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Well done to our latest RESPECT winners.

KS2 Singing Assembly

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Have a listen to KS2 and Miss Furness, performing a cappella 'We could be heroes'!

RESPECT 26th January

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Well done to our latest RESPECT winners.

RESPECT 19th January

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Well done to our latest RESPECT winners. 

RESPECT 12th January

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Well done to our latest RESPECT winners.

Parent and Carer Survey 2018

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We’d love to hear what you think of Woodlands. If you are a parent or carer for a child at Woodlands, let us know in our survey.  We even have a TV up for grabs for one lucky family, who complete the survey. surveys.foretel.co.uk/s3/Woodlands

Nursery JG Christmas Party

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There was lots of festive fun in nursery today. Miss Goodall’s class (NJG) had their Christmas party. Everyone helped to get the party food ready, even making cheese or jam sandwiches. It was then time for games, music and fun. Not to be outdone, NJG’s pass the parcel had even more…

Nursery Christmas songs performance

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Nursery performed some Christmas songs for their parents and carers whilst dressed up like the characters in the songs!  We had some lovely Christmas puddings, some twinkly stars and even a Santa stuck in the chimney.  It was great fun and the students performed so well. Thank you to staff for…

We take some Christmas cheer to Berkeley Court care home

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Reception and Year 1 took their Christmas cheer to Berkeley Court care home in Harehills to spend time with the residents.  They decorated some elf masks and sang songs with the residents, teaching them new versions of old classics like 'Twinkle Twinkle'.  Finally Mrs Begum read everyone a story before…

Nursery FG Christmas Party

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Nursery FG kicked off the first Christmas party this week. The morning started with fun games, music and dancing. Including a game of pass the parcel, with the most well wrapped present I’ve ever seen. We lost count of the number of layers! Of course, no party would be complete without…

Nursery go to The Rainbow Factory

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This week nursery went to the Rainbow Factory where they heard a Christmas story all about Ebeneezer Scrooge.  Scrooge hated Christmas until he was shown how amazing it is by three Christmas Ghosts. After the story the children got to play games, choose their own fairytale by rolling a dice and…

RESPECT 8th December

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Well done to our latest RESPECT winners!

Reception Stick Man

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This week, reception held an activity morning all about the story ‘Stick Man’, we even invited our super parents and carers to stay and take part in the activities. Starting with a dramatic reading of the story by Miss Hobson and Miss Rook, they really brought the book to life. Then…

RESPECT 1st December

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Well done to this week's RESPECT winners.

Nursery - Leo's Birthday

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There has been a very special birthday in nursery for Leo, the teddy! Nursery have been learning about celebrations, just in time to throw this big party for Leo. Everyone helped prepare for the party, starting with baking and icing buns, taking turns to measure, mix and stir. Once baking was…

RESPECT 24th November

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Well done to this week's RESPECT winners. 

RESPECT 17th November

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Well done to this week's RESPECT winners. 

Reception Build Boats

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Reception have been building boats. Investigating different materials, we explored what was more or less effective to use when building a boat. Working in small groups, they had to share a limited supply of scissors, glue, string, tape and other items, ensuring everyone worked as part of their team. Testing the…