Help with Admissions

If you need help filling in forms, or any other information please see Miss Anderson between 8am - 9am and 2pm - 3pm. 

If you would like to book appointment with Miss Anderson please call the school. Details can be found on the contact page

To apply for a Nursery Place:

Children can start Woodlands nursery the term after their third birthday.
Fill in the application form and we will get in touch as soon as possible. 

Complete the application form online here

Admissions Policy

At Woodlands we follow the Local Authority admissions policy. For further details of this please follow the following link to the Leeds admissions site.

To apply for a School Place: 

Woodlands Primary Academy admits pupils without regard to their aptitude or ability. We adhere to the Education Leeds’ (our LEA) arrangements. The following are the main elements of the guidelines given:

There are no catchment areas in Leeds. All places are allocated on the basis of a school's Admissions Limit and in accordance with the following criteria which apply for entry to all year groups (excluding Nursery).

Priority 1: Children who are statemented as being in need of an educational placement in a particular resourced school or unit.

Priority 2: Children wishing to join older brothers or sisters who will be in attendance at the chosen school at the time the younger child enters.

Priority 3: Children whose parents have expressed a preference. These requests will be processed as follows:-

( i) where there are sufficient places remaining to meet all demand, parental preference will be agreed;

( ii) where there are more applicants than there are places remaining at a particular school, these will be offered on a nearest to school basis, as the crow flies, in accordance with the parents’ stated preferences in the following order:

(a) those parents who preference the nearest Leeds school to their home (as the crow flies).

(b) those parents who preference Leeds schools other than the one nearest their home address.

(iii) where parental preference cannot be met in this way, the Authority will guarantee a place for a child at the nearest school maintained by Leeds LEA with available places.

All admissions during the school year will be referred to the Education Leeds - Pupil Admissions Department, for verification. When the LEA has allocated a place, the parent/carer will be invited to a meeting with the head or senior member of staff to discuss arrangements for their son/daughter to take up their place at Woodlands School.